Individual Disability

Guard Against the Unexpected.  No one expects to become disabled. But the risks cannot be ignored. Studies have shown that your chances of suffering a disability lasting a year during your career are as high as 1 in 5. If you were to become disabled, would you be able to continue to pay your home, car, family, and other obligations for three months? Six months? A year or longer?

While it would be nice to have a year’s worth savings tucked away, regardless of our income, few of us do. The smart way to provide for the unexpected is through quality disability insurance. We’ll work closely with you to discuss the different types of coverage, elimination periods, benefit periods, and special or optional protections that can be included.

Most importantly, we’ll shop for your coverage to find the ideal disability policy to provide the certainty you deserve.

Long Term Insurance

Protect your Assets…and your Independence

Americans are living longer — that’s great news. But it also means that with extended retirement and medical needs, planning now can help ensure that you preserve your assets, while maintaining control over key life decisions.

Most of us want to stay in our own homes as long as possible. When the time comes where assistance may be needed with everyday tasks such as showering, getting dressed or taking medications — it’s nice to have a choice. Long-term care insurance gives you peace of mind that you can continue to manage your affairs — at home or in the residence of your choice — without placing an emotional or financial burden on your adult children.

We have vast expertise and experience in helping you choose the long-term care insurance that will provide for your future needs and avoid you running out of funds, while preserving the value of your legacy.